Holistic experience of cultural leap forward of mankind

We are experiencing accelerating process of structural and mental changes around the world. Through access to information and ability to communicate instantly the global society is pushing optimisation processes in every aspect of human being lifes. Although nations of the world are still controlled by inefficient, corrupted and warring institutions, shifting subcultures build the pillars of the future that is so beautiful and intelligent that this process can not be stopped. The leap has already started and now it accelerates exponentially.

The changes referred here contain holistic approach that sees humans from a horizon reaching beyond the popular conventions to the edge of the mankind science based knowledge and incorporate it into the most fundamental aspect of our being. That means deep human evolution through hightened self-awareness followed by educational “big-bang” and fast optymising society regulation transformation.  A wise and creative solutions uniting  many visionaries, designers, constructors for a start to focus on future solutions.

As a part of the change, our lets call it “team”, decided to experience the cheange by creating a different way of distribution of goods. So far market of goods was based on consumption but from now on it will be based on direct cooperation between creators and consumers and in many cases this will mean the same people at both sides of product life cycle.